A few kilometers from the sea, stands GATTEO, which is the oldest town in the entire municipal area: a small village with simple beauty, but rich in tradition and history.
The main square of the village is Piazza Antonio Vesi which overlooks the Town Hall: the simple structure is surrounded by a lovely porch. Another important square, not far from the main, is Piazza Fracassi-Poggi, where stands the PARISH CHURCH OF SAN LORENZO MARTIRE, in front of which there is the access bridge to the MALATESTA’S CASTLE. Once inside the castle's court, looking at the horizon, you can admire the BELL TOWER OF SANT'ANTONIO ABATE in the distance.
The true architectural and artistic jewel of Gatteo is certainly the ORATORY OF SAN ROCCO: the votive FRESCOES inside are very important testimonies of the life of the community.
The Church of the Istituto Don Ghinelli, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, is a little out of the city center.
Gatteo offers not only interesting monuments to visit during a walk away from the crowded beaches, but has given birth or welcomed as its own children, important figures in the cultural scene. The main ones are: SECONDO CASADEI and LINA PAGLIUGHI. Two characters who, in an absolutely different way, left a mark on the history of music. Secondo Casadei is known all over the world for composing 'Romagna Mia' (hymn of this place) and starting a new way of making music.
Lina Pagliughi, born in the USA, but came to Gatteo for love, was one of the most appreciated performers of the Bel canto of her time.
Other characters born in Gatteo, less known to the general public but true personalities in their field, are the lutist Arturo Fracassi, the writer and journalist Ezio Camuncoli and the priest-painter Stefano Montanari.