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Piazza Antonio Vesi, 647043 Gatteo (FC)


Tel: 0547 86083
Fax: 0547 85393


Typology: guided tour

Itinerary: old town of Gatteo

Period: all year round every Saturday morning

Modality of execution:  one hour guided tour in Italian language

For information and reservations apply to the Municipal Tourist Board; tours should be booked in advance, not later than Friday at 12.00am and transfer to Gatteo is at visitors’ charge. Tours for groups can also be arranged on different days on request. Minimum number of participants: 4

Itinerary in detail: the itinerary starts from Piazza Vesi, where the Municipal Palace is located and that’s the meeting place where a qualified guide will show visitors the sights and explain their architecture. The tour continues as far as Piazza Fracassi-Poggi and its San Lorenzo Parish Church, which is also the core of the town; here you can admire the paintings by Montanari, who was born in Gatteo in the second half of 17th century and, later, moved to Rome to improve his artistic technique. In front of the main square you can see the Malatesta Castle and appreciate its two bastions, the entrance tower and the town walls, from which a lovely way wounds quietly round. Through a small and compact stone bridge, which has replaced the original drawbridge, you get to the court of the castle; the route takes you to the Oratory of San Rocco, a valuable example of sacred architecture: thanks to its charming features, it is intended for classical music concerts held over the year and much appreciated by the audience: the entrance hall to this tiny church, which is finely decorated with holy frescoes, is really worthwhile.
On request, the tour can also include a visit to the Church dating back to the beginning of the 20th century that belongs to Istituto Don Ghinelli; in spite of the damages during the Second World War the church preserves the ancient bell tower of Sant'Antonio Abate which is still whole.

Tours are organised by the Association Italia Nostra, in collaboration with the Municipality of Gatteo.

Rates: free admission by registration if not otherwise indicated



Latest update: 15/01/2021