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Tel: 0541 932377
Fax: 0547 85303
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Location: Gatteo Mare – Piazza Romagna mia

Period: 15th August 2021

The event will take place at 9.00 pm

The place can be reached by car and public means of transport

Description: to commemorate together Raoul Casadei on his birthday , the municipalities of Gatteo Mare and Cesenatico dedicate a long night to Liscio, the music that has been able to transform the Romagna tradition in a “global” phenomenon, mixing folk with the heritage of the cultured scores of  polkas and mazurkas, offering an extraordinary opportunity for sociality , meeting and even growth to a peasant civilization that claimed its prominence.
Since then, thanks to Raoul and then to his son Mirko who has taken up the creative heritage, Liscio has shown that he knows how to dialogue with every possible sound.

And while the words of the famous song “Romagna Capitale”, a symbolic song written by Raoul Casadei and his son Mirko, shine bright on the Viale delle Nazioni, on the nearby stage of Piazza Romagna mia the Mirko Casadei Popular Folk Orchestra and an exceptional guest, Enrico Ruggeri. They propose unexpected versions of the great classics of Liscio, making us dance under the starry sky of Romagna. With them also the Khorakhanè, Balla con Noi and many other guests.
Presented by Andrea Barbi

Entrance: free admission on reservation. To reserve tel. +39 348 9491101 from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm

Attachments: L'Estate di Raoul leaflet 2021

Latest update: 13/08/2021